The Right of Withdrawal

The consumer may cancel the agreement without giving any reason within 14 days after the seller has fulfilled its disclosure obligations under the right of withdrawal and item and return form is received.

Consumer must notify the seller if the right of withdrawal is used. The deadline is considered met if the message is sent by the deadline. There are no formal requirements for the message, but this should of evidentiary reasons be in writing.

In the event of deficiencies, the right of withdrawal does not intervene with other rights you have under current law. If you choose to keep the item, you may under certain conditions demand a price reduction, replacement (new item) or cancel the purchase and the purchase price back.

If you exercise your right of withdrawal within the time limit, what you paid for the item should be returned to you. The product should be returned to the seller before the transfer takes place. Return costs must be covered by buyer, unless the seller has breached the agreement or seller under the agreement has delivered a replacement because the goods ordered were not available.

Cancellation rights presupposes that the item can be returned in the same condition and quantity.



If an error or deficiency is detected, consumer must within a reasonable time after he or she has discovered, or should have discovered it, give the seller written notice of claim. The deadline to give notice is still not less than two months from the time the consumer discovered the defect. Complaints must be made no later than two years after the consumer acquired the product. If the product or parts of it is supposed to last considerably longer, complaints must be made within five years. If the consumer fails to give notice in time, the right to claims is lost.

A deficiency showing up within six months after the consumer took the risk of the product (normally the time of delivery) shall be presumed to have existed at the transfer of risk.

If there is a defect in the product, and the consumer has given notice within the said deadline, the consumer may assert the following:

• Under certain conditions choose between rectification and replacement

• Demand cancellation of purchase if the defect is not immaterial

• Demand replacement

If the seller's repair or replacement will mean that consumer will be prevented from using the product for more than one week, the consumer under certain conditions have the right to demand a replacement item available at the seller's expense. As a rule, the seller is not entitled to make more than two attempts per deficiency to correct or replace the product.